We recognize our vital role in the future of Southland Utility Services, Inc. to assist with staffing, recruiting, training, benefits, company culture, employee engagement efforts, and keeping up to date with state and federal laws.

The Human Resources Department will continue to support both the company and the employees by focusing efforts to insure that all HR department actions are grounded in our vision and mission.

Succession planning is a key factor to organizational health. We are committed to create succession planning initiatives to prevent gaps in the quality we provide. Through a succession planning process, we have the ability to retain superior employees because they appreciate the time, attention, and development invested in them. Employees are motivated and engaged when they can see a career path for their continued growth and development.

We will strive to create an effective performance management system that encompasses activities such as goal setting, continuous progress review, feedback, coaching for improved performance, employee development, communicating expectations, and rewarding achievements. We believe that the overall performance of an organization can be improved by improving the performance of individuals within a team framework.

I am proud to be serving on the Southland Utility Services, Inc. Leadership Team and look forward to working with all current employees, perspective applicants and our customers.

Michelle Schack




I believe that in America today we have forgotten what it takes to be a "neighbor". To be willing to be inconvenienced a little to help make someone else's life better, to lend a helping hand, to show kindness. Your employees are to be commended. No, their act did not change the world, but it did change the world for the elderly lady that had lost her beloved pet.